Care to Vote

Care to Vote

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Since today is National Voter Registration Day, we wanted to spend a moment emphasizing that voting is a privilege and a responsibility.  As Americans, we look with outrage at many nations around the world where democracy does not exist and the right to vote is absent or a tightly controlled farce.  But how are we doing here in the United States?

We have begun asking many people with whom we interact whether they will vote.  This includes business executives to fast food employees to retired folks.  We are not asking how people are voting (our mothers taught us well), but rather, “Are you voting?”  It is our hope that the people we know – an intelligent, insightful, caring group – are headed to the polls in November. But the responses we are getting range from positive, affirmative responses to downright apathy. Alarmingly, we have found that young people, and many others, seem weary of the political process and have resigned themselves to a “why should I vote – nothing’s going to change” attitude. While we understand this cynicism, and we also feel challenged at times by political wrangling, we want to encourage as many eligible voters to participate in a process that allows us to choose our leaders.

Voting numbers took an upswing in 2008 (approximately 60% of eligible voters participated in that year’s presidential election) but Gallup polls conducted this summer show a drop-off in the numbers of young voters intending to vote this November:


This causes us to reflect on our country’s enviable and noble history, and to reflect on the challenges of the world at large – a world full of countries that don’t allow their citizens a voice. It reminds us of the responsibility we have to be a part of the solution. No one lives in a bubble completely isolated from social and economic issues.  Take a stand, vote, make a difference.

So … Care to vote? … that is the question.  Now what is your answer?

It is our hope that you will exercise your constitutional right to choose the leadership of our country, and encourage others to do so as well.  That’s right, we really can influence the key decisions made by our elected leaders. As for us, we are excited about the upcoming elections and we will be voting.  See you at the polls!