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Business 2010

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With a stabilizing economy that is expected to continue its recovery throughout 2010 and beyond, organizations are primed to make critical talent decisions.  While a projected jobless recovery may be right on target, key executive hires have taken place at an accelerated rate in the 4th quarter and will continue into 2010.

Among eye catching headlines that speak to “Business 2010,” a Reuters report stated “sales of newly built single-family U.S. homes in October rose more than expected to their highest level in a year, pointing to a stabilizing housing market after a three-year slump,” the Wall Street Journal says that “hedge funds are poised to register their best investment returns for a decade,” Peter Cardillo, Chief Market Economist of Avalon Funds, was quoted as saying in a November 29th Business Week article that “all the economic data point to continued growth,” and a November 11 Deloitte research report “reveals surveyed executives are more inclined to believe the worst of the economic crisis has passed” by a margin of more than four to one.

The anticipation of a healthier economy speaks to heightened demand for our services.  We do one thing and we do it well…helping you hire the best Human Resources executive relative to your needs.  To best illustrate why we succeed at unprecedented levels, take a look at the following performance factors:

  • Productivity – Like you, our internal talent is critical.  Most of our team members have significant experience with larger, brand name retained search firms.  In concert with traditional methodologies like market research, our in-house talent and high value relationships with HR vendor companies, HR leaders, and other functional business leaders uniquely enable us to penetrate the marketplace.
  • Value – We deliver superior value relative to the investment made when we are retained.  Why pay more when we have proven our ability to outperform our competitors?  We welcome the opportunity for our clients to speak with you on our behalf.
  • Delivery – Around this time of the year, arriving late and delivering the wrong goods does not go over well.  In fact, it never does.  We have consistently demonstrated our ability to work closely with our clients to get assignments all wrapped up in timely fashion, and in a way that will deliver years of outstanding satisfaction.

We are excited about “Business 2010” and our firm anticipates a great year ahead.  We look forward to visiting with you to discuss specific needs that may be developing though the end of 2009 and into the new year.

Until then, we wish you and your entire team a bountiful holiday season.