Executive Search

Through our primary focus on Human Resources leaders, we are uniquely positioned to complete searches for talented performers who impact bottom line performance. Organizations choose to engage Leapfrog Executive Search because of our demonstrated commitment to building relationships w/ HR leaders, functional leaders, and vendors, giving us unparalleled access to talent.

This same focus enables Leapfrog Executive Search to provide organizations with experience in properly shaping the role, defining a comprehensive search strategy, and setting appropriate expectations. We understand the roles.

Execution of effective search practices leads us to talent. We understand your business challenges and opportunities and present candidates who excel, and who do so in alignment with your organizational culture. Helping the two parties successfully negotiate employment terms enables us to complete the recruiting cycle. In doing so, we bring about a winning relationship and support it on an ongoing basis.

Doing the little things well drives the desired outcomes for all parties. Leapfrog ensures your employment brand is supported before, during, and after the search.