Why Go Green?

Why Go Green?

Category : 2008

Sure, there has been a lot of talk about it, plenty of compelling community action, and an incredible opportunity to leverage the results well into the future. We have received substantial, positive feedback from people and organizations who have made the commitment to “go green”. But really, what is the green revolution all about?

It all began several years ago. First one, and then many organizations discovered that going green and utilizing Leapfrog Executive Search as their retained search partner for HR leadership roles based in the southwestern United States yields spectacular and sustainable results. Going green brings about focus, leverages valuable relationships, and ensures attention to detail.

Following are some helpful hints you can undertake to become greener:

  • ORGANICS – let us help you access premium quality talent grown in the best environments.
    COLLECT talent for succession planning.
  • EMULATE successful, brand name companies that use Leapfrog for HR leadership search.
  • ENERGY AUDITS help determine whether your HR leader is stimulating growth and profitibility, or functioning as an impediment.
  • REDUCE time to hire through our commitment to results.
  • DONATE this email to a friend.

One caution … RECYCLING is an excellent green approach, but the wrong ingredients will not produce the desired outcomes!

Remember, this is a Leap(frog) year and if you are going green, the time to begin is now.