This is a Leap(Frog) Year!

This is a Leap(Frog) Year!

Category : 2008

Yes, more and more signs point to the undeniable conclusion that this is a Leap(frog) year! What are the signs? To begin with, let’s look at the following developments:

  • Leapfrog’s exclusive focus on HR leadership roles based in the Southwest continues to yield impressive results. Recently completed searches include the following roles/organizations: SVP of HR for a leading consulting firm, VP of Compensation and Benefits for a 60,000 employee health care company, SVP/Director of Staffing, Training, and Development for a major, Texas-based bank, VP of Talent Management (acquisition and development) for a multi-channel service organization, Director of HR (supporting Sales and Marketing) for a 40,000 employee transportation company.
  • Relationships continue to be central to our success. Our commitment to providing value to functional business leaders, HR leaders, and HR vendor organizations enhances our ability to rapidly engage outstanding candidates. Our current rolling average time to complete a search is a stellar 82 days!
  • Attention to Detail enhances our clients’ employment brand. Simply put…we treat candidates and clients as we (and you) would like to be treated.

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Look for additional confirmation in the months to come that this is a Leap(frog) year!!!