That Thing You Do

That Thing You Do

Category : 2020

We are often asked questions to clarify what we do. Here are several examples:

Do you focus exclusively on human resources roles? Yes, although there have been instances where we branched out to help clients with other roles when we have a long-standing relationship and a deep understanding of their culture.

Is your work limited to executive roles? No, we are most interested in the quality of the organization, role, etc. That means we also work on Senior Manager/Director roles when we can partner well with the client to achieve a great outcome.

Do you work within a specific market area? Yes and no. We complete searches that are based domestically; they often have broad, global responsibilities. We work across the United States including Washington (state), Tennessee, North Dakota, Georgia, Texas, and many others.

Do you represent candidates for roles? No. We are retained by corporate clients and we are dedicated to identifying the best possible candidate for the role. In the course of our work, wego to great lengths to build strong relationships with candidates and support them in their pursuit of the role and in their current / future endeavors. Do you do any work outside of retained search? Yes, take a look at