Size, Synergy, and a Successful Search

Size, Synergy, and a Successful Search

Category : 2017

What do Kraft, Motorola, and Abbott have in common? They all discovered that bigger isn’t always better, and they split their companies.

Why? Focus.

After dividing Hilton into three businesses, president and chief executive Christopher Nasetta rhetorically asked, “Does this allow us to be more focused?” His response was simply, “Of course, it does.”

Building for scale, leveraging assets, brand impact, and standardization are legitimate advantages of size. But, as a company expands, growth often eclipses service. Market perception gets more attention than client experience. Pipeline becomes more important than consistent delivery.

It is easy to highlight the benefits of working with a boutique firm-when you’re the smaller company. After more than 16 years of providing executive talent to a wide spectrum of companies, we’ve demonstrated there are advantages to working with a boutique firm.

Engagement. In a boutique firm, the principal works in the business. He or she knows all the clients, regularly interacts with candidates, and doesn’t disappear after the agreement is signed.  Principal involvement ensures consistent care, diligence when evaluating candidates, and the completion of each search.

Focus. Every search is important.  While a big company can become too big to fail, more focused businesses can’t afford to fail-even once. Market and network reputation are critical for these firms, so each search is as important as the last.

Agility. A fully loaded supertanker cuts its engines 15 miles from the dock, taking about 20 minutes to stop. The Tesla Model S can achieve 60 mph in 2.2 seconds. A smaller firm can quickly adapt to changes in client requirements or evolving business needs; information is easily shared across the organization and decisions are made more quickly. Potential candidates stay connected during the interview process.

At Leapfrog Executive Search, everything we do is focused on delighting you, the client. Our reputation is built on the foundation of our results. Call us today to discover the engagement, focus, and agility that have enabled us to become a leading retained search firm.