15 in ’16: Chapter 3

15 in ’16: Chapter 3

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15 years ago George W. Bush was in the early stages of his presidency, Apple announced iTunes at the MacWorld Expo, the movie “Shrek” was released, and The People’s Republic of China was granted permanent normal trade relations with the United States.  15 years ago Leapfrog was formed and our story began.

Today, we are a thriving retained search firm, dedicated to the relationships that fuel our business, along with the passion to achieve the results our clients deserve.

As we look ahead, the next stage of our story is all about growth.  It is happening right now and will continue in sustainable fashion.  That means we are making significant investments, ranging from talent to technology, and much more, while carefully managing operating costs to support our longevity.  We know that sustainability requires maintaining focus to build well on our excellent foundation.  As we do so, nothing is more important than ensuring that our new talent additions are culturally aligned to support our values and outstanding search performance.

This is not growth at any cost or an attempt to be all things to all people.  This is not about integrated talent solutions that stretch beyond retained search.  We are focused on one thing…helping our clients acquire the best possible talent.

You will see us more in the marketplace.  You will hear from us with greater frequency.  Most importantly , you will watch us maintain our focus on…

Talent . Relationships . Trust