Maintaining Momentum on Your #1 Priority

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Maintaining Momentum on Your #1 Priority

Category : 2015

We learned something new about trains over the holidays. When a train is operating at full speed, air pressure is maintained at a constant level in the lines.  When the brakes are applied the air pressure is lessened, thus slowing or stopping the train. With resulting reduction in the train’s air pressure, the train will lose momentum or grind to a halt. It’s not unlike when the wind goes out of the sails of a boat.
An internally run executive search has similarities to this scenario.  The desired outcome – an outstanding hire – while often listed on paper as an organization’s #1 priority, competes for time and energy with other ‘urgent’ but less strategic projects. Critical momentum is lost as mental focus gets unevenly applied.
That’s where partnering with a retained search firm can ensure that the #1 priority remains just that. Some questions to help determine if a retained search firm will ensure you maintain momentum on that strategic hire:

  • Time / Focus – it is important…but, is it your #1 priority every day?
  • Search Execution Expertise – will your process and resources help you hire optimal talent?
  • Market Awareness – do you know the specific talent marketplace?
  • External Perspective – are you too close to the situation?
  • Confidentiality – does the search need to be conducted on a confidential basis?

If the search can be completed at the highest possible levels using internal resources that should be the outcome.  But, if any of the factors listed above come into play, putting momentum at risk, consider engaging a retained search firm.